Even in the best of times, it’s hard for us writers to take the leap of faith that they may someday be able to make a living at doing what they love.  So, in today’s tough economy where the WALL STREET JOURNAL claims the movie industry is tanking, the little book stores around the corner are shuttering (just like the movie!) and newspaper readership is at an all time low, why on earth would anyone write?  Aside from the fact that if you really love what you do and your head will most likely explode from stories dying to escape if you don’t — there is reason to believe that you will someday make enough money to pay for your carpel tunnel surgery.

The Book Industry Study Group reports that in 2007, book sales were up 4.4% reaching $37.26 billion!  The report interviews 30 industry insiders and reveals publishers today are more determined to grapple with issues and implement solutions.  And for you aspiring screenwriters, Variety reports recent box office grosses defy negative media claims that say the industry is in trouble.  In fact, only half way through the summer of 2008, summer revenues are already above 2007.

So whether you write for stage, screen, shelves or even stalls, keep it up, the world needs stories in good times and bad.