Forget the sage advice ‘never underestimate your audience’.  Instead commit this to memory:

My audience is way smarter than my antagonist.

Once you’ve committed that to memory, get into the heads of your stupid antagonist, even if it is not something that has a head (like a storm)

Let’s take a old classic, HANSEL AND GRETEL. (The world loves a remake right?) Now, can anyone tell me, Why does the witch need to eat the children when she has a house full of food that she is stuffing them with before she stuffs them in the oven?

Yes, I know she’s ticked because they were nibbling of her house MADE of FOOD but come on now, how did that get past the editors?

The point is — no matter how much you love an old classic, get real and get smartER than your antagonist.  Because, a story is only as strong as its conflict.  Today, the witch would have to be totally re-concieved to interest readers.  At least Hansel and Gretel themselves were smart.  Anyone want to take a crack at it?