So, things have been a little slow non-existent here at 1st 10 pages for awhile, as writing, working and writing have been all consuming lately, but all that is about to change!  Why? Because the best screenplay (ever written by me) is about to get underway and inspired by Neil Gaiman I’ve decided to post about the journey as it unfolds.

What makes it the best you may ask?

Well the saying goes, one should expect to write 10 screenplays before making it ‘in the door’ and I’m pretty sure this will be my 10th.  Plus I have been very excited about this idea for 2 years and have been researching and making mental and ink notes since Franklin Leonard first planted the seed.  Franklin Leonard, for those of you that may not know, is the creator of Hollywood’s Blacklist (An annual list of Hollywood’s most liked unproduced screenplays). During a chat at screenwriters online, I asked Franklin what story he’d love to see told, and his answer is the inspiration for DYING TO DREAM.


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