Unless you’ve been in a coma, you and yours have been effected by the economy of recent years and being a creative artist of any media you’ve no doubt considered selling insurance or worse, cars! But because it is especially true of artists to be true to their calling, you’ve not given up but stepped up and found an innovative way to draw attention to your work. What’s that you ask?

Now, I realize that artists have a hard time at marketing their craft, after all it’s fantastic, everyone should just notice — am I right?

Chances are if you read this post you are familiar with something called the internet. And what do you know this here site was created as one of the aforementioned innovative ways to draw attention to writers’ work. Take a look at another fantastic example of artistic inspiration and innovation. This was created by some friends and colleagues of mine, that do actually have paying creative jobs, but want to create on their own terms with other people’s money!

So, you say, forget that, I need to know my writing will actually earn me a living someday! What hope for me is there to sell that manuscript or best screenplay?  Well my reading and writing friends I have some terrific news for you!  For novel writers, especially those of my favorite genre, YA, check out the latest news from Publisher’s Weekly.  At this year’s Bologna book fair, ‘The sun came out on the second day of the Bologna Fair, indicative of the mood of the attendees inside the halls. “There’s a lot of activity and everyone’s very upbeat. Everyone I’m talking to seems positive. Last year this place was dead,”‘ The article goes on to say how everyone is especially interested in YA, not MG or series — just give some good Young Adult Fiction please!  WhooHoo.  I don’t know about you but now I feel even more pressure to get my best screenplay done so I can crank out some YA!

But wait, you’re a screenwriter you say?  Well then no doubt you know that as much as they hate to admit it, (they being the studio bean counters) last year was record breaking no, shattering, at the B.O. and the first quarter of this year show’s no sign of slowing.

‘but I write quirky independent films…’ you retort.  Ha! Check out the latest issue of Creative Screenwriting, under the SUNDANCE DIARIES there is an entry by Chris Sparling writer of BURIED.  I will try and deliver the gist of it here because there is no online version of the magazine (even for subscribers).  He starts by telling us he’s never considered himself ‘lucky’ but then goes onto a breakdown of the last year for him:

March 2009 his spec for BURIED goes out wide getting positive response but the general feeling is it will serve as a good sample to get him assignments, which he’s quite satisfied with.

April 2009 he meets a producer that wants to put it in production right away, exactly as written (the entire film takes place inside A coffin)

May 2009 he’s in email contact with the director the company wants to use and his 15 page director proposal (from Spain) is perfecto!

June 2009 after some skype meetings and minor adjustments they are on the same page.

July – August production starts and he’s actually able to go to Spain to see some of it.

September scenes are screened at Santa Monica’s film market and BURIED is PRE-SOLD to over 30 foreign territories!

December 2009 the film is accepted into Sundance

January 2010 at Sundance Lionsgate picks up North American rights after amazing audience response.

Now, I don’t know about you, but reading this one page article brought tears to my eyes.  Not only for the joy of his success but for the inspiration to mine.

A lot can change very quickly.

And after years and maybe even a lifetime of dedication, you too, can be an overnight success.

Now, quit yer bitchin and get to work.