1st 10 pages has been seeing a lot of traffic lately, but not from me, because as you may know I am up against it writing this screenplay in time for my early May deadline.

So, how’s it going?  Well those scene cards have been shuffled around quite a bit. (Dear Blake, as you rest in peace please have someone down here upgrade the STC software) but that’s okay, that’s why they’re cards right?  What I’ve been doing is this: I have my STC board up alongside my Final Draft screenplay on my laptop desktop and on my physical laptop and desktop, I have my yellow legal pad with all of my notes and marks to hit. So I have been doing rewrites as I progress into the depths of Act 2.

This is just my quirk of writing when on deadline, to get my ‘mind set’ when I sit down I re-read everything I did the previous day, tweak and then I’m ramped up to build upon that. So really by the time my 1st draft is done, it’s really more like a 4th or 5th draft and really tight.

Also what has happened here is I’ve re-read Dara Marks book INSIDE STORY, this book is listed in the resources over on the right column of this site, or you can click that link that says INSIDE STORY.  This gave me lots of notes to and marks to hit that I jotted on the legal pad and between Dara’s excellent points, and Case Studies (I’ve also been watching every film she writes about as examples for the umpteenth time) and Blake’s easy to understand beat sheet and scene cards that I’m doing in his honor, and my own storytelling savy — I’m happy to say so far this is indeed shaping up to be my best screenplay!

Back to work, stay tooned.