Charlie Orr calls himself a part-time book cover designer, I call him a creative genius.

He launched the hypothetical library as a blog that would cover book designs for books that well known authors state they would never write.  As he states, it was a chance for him to get to work with some big name writers without having to go through their actual publishing house/process.

Well, he hit up one of my faves, Neil Gaiman, and much to everyone’s delight he not only bit, he very well may have saved book cover design from falling to the depth of dinosaurs like album cover art did.

There is no doubt, e-books, e-readers and yes, ipads have a lot of book cover artists questioning the status of their careers, question no more, you just need to upgrade your tools.

Neil’s answer to Charlie’s question is of course as brilliant as the final product, and as writers and storytellers we could all learn something from this three part series and how to keep up with technology and not run from it.  Because as long as you don’t actually read Neil’s book, the world will always need stories and inspiration.

Thank you Charlie Orr and of course Neil.  Click here for the link to the 1st part of the series (all three are now available on the blog)

Stay tooned…