So when we last chatted about the progress of my self-imposed deadline for my BEST SCREENPLAY, the whole reason for the deadline of early May was to get notes and revise in order to make Austin Film Festival’s final entry deadline of June 1st.

That may have changed when I was fortunate enough to become a judging reader for said fest, however — the deadline remained the same.  And I am happy to say it was met in time to celebrate Memorial Day (note: the only fallen soldiers in the writing of the best screenplay dying to dream were named cabernet and shiraz) and submit to my next choice with the same deadline, the SILVER SCREENWRITING SCREENPLAY competition, founded by one of my favorite script consultants and blogger extraordinaire, Julie Gray.  Though I am typically one that believes things happen for a reason, I am actually very happy things turned out the way they did.  I’ve been plowing through a lot of screenplays for AFF (a whole ‘nother post) which not only keeps my own writing in check, it makes me feel extremely confident that I did indeed write a winning script.  Of course I also followed my advice and did not just look for any competition that had a similar deadline, I looked for one that I felt suited me, for what it stands for and how it rewards its winners and was in equal standing to the AFF.  The bonus here is as a part of my reading service, the kind folks at AFF give me a producer’s badge to the annual festival this fall, which was one of the cooler prizes I was hoping for had I entered.

I hope this journey was a helpful process to follow for you, the readers. Please if there is anything that you would like more information on drop a line.  To close out this series and to prep for the eventual full launch of 1st 10 pages . com, I’m adding the 1st 10 pages of the best screenplay , DYING TO DREAM right here. (this is my best screenplay mind you, it hasn’t won anything… yet!)

This summer we’ll be gathering, posting and analyzing samples of 1st 10 pages (good and bad) of both novels and screenplays. This will all be leading up to the complete market launch in the fall.

Shall we…


stay tooned…