Today’s entry into successful 1st 10 pages is the yet to be released dramatic comedy THE BEAVER. Directed By and Starring the brilliant and talented Jodie Foster, and Mel Gibson.

I mention this because in reading this script, that is so fantastic it was on 2008’s Blacklist, it was made even more entertaining by imagining these actors.  Regardless of what you think of the sleazy, unproven, tabloid scum of reporting of late, about Mel Gibson.  It is easy to see how brilliant he most likely is in this role.  Which is why when you write, you should have an image of your characters (if not all – at the very least – your protagonist) firmly imagined in your head.  This will not only help you tell their story, it will help attract talent.  And yes, even in the case of a novel, I still ‘cast’ the characters.


THE BEAVER’S 1st 10 pages are jam packed:

We meet the protagonist (and antagonist) in the first sentence.  His fatal flaw plays out in full immediately AND how he plans to overcome it AND the effect it has on everyone in his life, which is directly reflected in his/their/the story’s world.

Because of the extreme nature of his flaw, an important bit of information is revealed early on, that there are 2 things keeping him going (though barely).  We are also enlightened that even though this could be a very dramatic movie, there is no doubt we’ll be able to breathe and smile, often.

And lastly, we have our catalyst, his wife throws him out which in turn results in his discovery of THE BEAVER, both his savior and nemesis.

Here’s THE BEAVER’S 1st 10, (this is an early draft – and because the movie suits are scared to release it, we cannot see how much stuck, I hope most, because this is brilliant and should be released immediately!)

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  1. Hey, thanks for this. Where can I download the rest of the screenplay? Please do give me a script link. Many thanks.

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