This is a new category on 1st 10 pages, periodically I will be posting notes from the world of wide webs of things that may be of interest to writers.

For our first edition I have a nice perk from Scriptshark where they will email you the top 50 lit managers/agents happening today (for a limited time) so click on over when you’re done here.

Next up is an interesting take on how to get to the point in writing (though the writer needs an editor that understands his point)  The Wall Street Journal article for writers of all kind is good advice but perhaps needs a better delivery to say: ‘Nobody uses large numbers of adjectives when they think, and I believe that writing which one cannot actually think can very easily look wrong on the page.‘ Good point as I said, but horribly conveyed.  I bet each of you could come up with a better way to phrase that!

stay tooned…