Let’s get rid of the uglies 1st: Some not so good news from the Net

While last mashup of writing news in the web-o-sphere was jam packed with encouraging and fun ways to get your writing noticed – this time the pendulum is swinging the other way and while it’s not jam-packed in the not so good direction these are biggies and will unfortunately reflect the content on this site for the foreseeable future.

1st up is Amazon Studios – and well, if you’re a screenwriter, it’s pretty much all been said.  I’ve commented on other sites here and there – but I believe this video says it best:

Now, in other screenwriting news there’s a big lawsuit out there from FOX to a writer that shares her database of scripts with other writers.  Again, I’ll assume you’ve heard about it, but if not here’s the nutshell version:

Among her shares was the still in development script of DEADPOOL, and given all of the crack down on piracy going on (which I totally agree with) she was nailed with a $15 million lawsuit.  The problem is, apparently it makes the lawsuit more threatening, is it also lists many old screenplays that are collecting dust on dvd storage shelves.  And this, my friends has every screenplay website out there running scared.

Here are two links that cover the issue solidly:



What it means for this site is I will not be posting files for examples of novels or screenplays.  And I will try to pick material that is fairly easily accessible in book or dvd form.  Books actually have the upper hand here because many have the first chapter available from the publisher somewhere online.  Screenplays, well times they are a changing – and until the industry can make screenplays available in a way such as say iTunes, for a modest download fee.  I’m afraid having them ‘readily’ available to the masses is over.

And now for your 1st 2010 best of list, I leave you with this quote I got on twitter from a (book) lit agent, but it applies to both:

My #1 most frequent editorial note in 2010? “Up the stakes” “Make the challenge more…challenging for the characters.”

SaraMegibow Associate Literary Agent at Nelson Literary Agency.

I almost forgot – in good Amazon news they are holding their novel competition again (this is something they do well):

Happy Holidays Everyone – use the time to do some character studies!

Stay tooned…