Who among us can’t name a Seinfeld episode that makes us smile?  Regardless of what he’s done lately, Jerry Seinfeld owes his past successes and his status as a household name (not to mention his substantial syndication revenue) to his writing.

This week, THE WRITER’S STORE has made available what Seinfeld claims is his reason for being a successful writer — wait for it — you’ve heard it before —

Write everyday (regardless of what it is that you write) to keep track of his efforts, apparently J.S. would hang a year-at-a-glance calendar up every January, and religiously adorn it with a bold red ‘x’ everyday he wrote something new, the result (other than a ton of material) was a red chain… that he vowed not to break.

As I stated, you’ve heard it before, if you are a writer you must write everyday.  For me, I have so many ideas and projects in progress this is not hard. But I must say just the holiday break of late… took me until yesterday to catch up on all of my emails etc… (and worse yet, I still haven’t written my Christmas cards turned New Year’s cards — which I  vow to do this weekend), but the way my creative process works I can still claim to write for stories I want to tell every day.  How?  Even if I don’t sit down and hammer out a few perfectly formatted pages of material, I write on whatever is nearby to empty my brain of the new approach(es) or tidbits that came to be during the course of the day, if I didn’t I’m afraid I’d explode — truly.  And that is what I hope (and believe – what the great J.S. means by his chain theory).

Here’s the link to your own year-at-a-glance if you need the vindication and progression of a red x effect to keep you honest — me, I have faith that if you are a writer you write because you can’t help it…  Also, at the end of the article is a more in depth look at J.S. thought process.

Happy TOO… OH… OH… WON… WON!!!!

Stay tuned…