I wasn’t going to write part two until closer to the Oscar noms, but good old DEADLINE HOLLYWOOD, gave me good reason to do it now and do it quickly.

A lot of press has been whirling around about THE SOCIAL NETWORK now that award season is in full swing.

Much like my post a few month’s back with the screenplay’s 1st 10 page breakdown, Creative Screenwriting claimed it as their favorite opening scene of 2010, (I must add that I’m very happy CS has finally stepped into the digital age) the link to the most recent issue with their findings of 2010 is here.

There’s also an inspiring article about Sorkin’s writing process and his beginnings from THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER.  This ran earlier this week, but DEADLINE not to be outdone has actually posted a download link for the entire script within the first line of today’s article.

So, without further adieu… my pick for this year’s best screenplay is THE SOCIAL NETWORK (although it is in the adaptation category as you’ll read about on DEADLINE). As I stated in Part One the other day, just as last year’s THE HURT LOCKER, so effectively weaved a character driven plot with fast-paced action lines, no writer that I know of, can more effectively weave a character and a story with pitch-perfect dialogue.


Stay tooned…