Well… Just when the online world of screenwriting seemed doomed to become a secret society that resembles the speakeasies of prohibition days (at least when it comes to actually imbibing in screenplays) DEADLINE HOLLYWOOD seems to be coming to the rescue.  For the second day in a row, they are hosting a link to a full screenplay download.  There’s no doubt these are in prep for Award’s season, but award winning (or nominated) screenplays are a gem to learn from.

THE KING’S SPEECH 1st 10 pages perfectly set the stage for this highly acclaimed film.

1st – the opening card succinctly sets the era and is perfectly acceptable for a period piece.

Page 1 continues to waste no time and gets to the heart of the title and theme and continues onto Pages 2 and 3, setting up the main obstacle of the film, quickly and poetically.  Immediately we know this is a skilled writer — vivid and educated descriptions written with extreme economy.

On page 4, note the note, [For ease of reading, Bertie’s stammer will not be indicated from this point in the script.]

It is perfectly fine (and preferred) to make a note of this sort once the character and their initial trait, whatever it may be, is introduced please don’t continue to beat it over your reader’s head.

The next few pages go into more detail about the ‘obstacle’ and also develop the Protagonist’s relationship with his wife (Princess Elizabeth) while at the same time develop her.

And voila, on page 10 she has discovered the somewhat unorthodox solution to the obstacle.

Finally… wait for it… the opening first two pages are perfect bookends to the climax, which is drawn out in 8 pages, a perfect proportion for dramatic entry and exit.