Wow, two posts about books in the same morning — before the digital WTF you may have asked, “What in the wide world of sports?”  Well, a little too much caffeine +  too much on the schedule = haste makes waste.

This and last post would have been combined into a Notes from Net, thought provoking and informative digest of news in the publishing world. Instead we have two; one with then without typos and one never with, so there.  I offer this explanation as a clear example as to why one should never, ever, send out written material without a careful proofing — no contest or publishing deadline is worthy of just getting it done to move onto to the next challenge. Polish it up and think it through one more time before hitting the send button.


This additional article from the WALL STREET JOURNAL highlights just how many books are getting printed on a daily basis and why just writing it and getting it printed isn’t enough.

And lest you think I’m on a caffeine overdose, there are sex toys involved.


Stay tooned…