Can your screenplay be shot for $100,000.00?

If so, there’s an interesting competition out there, unlike any other.

I am usually VERY skeptical about screenplay competitions, especially new one with a high entry fee, but this one may just be worth it.

The ultimate screenplay competition is a clear example of today’s boundary pushing business model for independent filmmakers.  The folks behind it have the gear, which is most likely how they can make something of quality for 100k.  Their reel looks decent so presumably they have the know-how and manpower to use it.

However this was not enough to convince me at first, it was the fact that every entrant will also get a  % of profit whether their screenplay is chosen or not.  Now, it is very true that most festival/independents don’t see a profit, but when it only costs 100k to make it, the odds are better that you’d at least get your entry fee back.

If they do not reach the 1,000 entries required to make the film (currently at 12) they will also refund the money.  They seem to have good business sense and drive, if you consider entering I’d just make sure that all of the funding specifics are very clear in the entry forms.  My only other question is if they are really qualified to judge what makes a good story – but if you have the money and your script is low budget, I’d go for it.

For novelists comes the kickstarter, a crowd funding equivalent just for writers.  Unbound allows you to pitch your project and try to raise funds to write it, much like very popular and successful kickstarter and indie go-go.  If the goal isn’t reached the pledges are not collected.  This one seems a little less stable as it is very ‘un-known’ but it does have some well-known names trying to raise funds (why these people need funding is beyond me).

Crowd funding is here to stay and if you can create a provocative pitch you may just get paid for your passion project.

(1st10 pages is in no way endorsing or affiliated with either of these organizations).