If anyone is interested send in deets…
Project: An anime infused, contemporary take on a classic crime/
action story, our script follows a young repressed girl and a guy
from the wrong side of the tracks who will do almost anything to be
together and escape the lives that confine them.

We are searching for a writer to take our script to the next level.
We need someone with the proven ability to write great stylized,
youthful, action material.

The writer must be able to implement and improve high-octane action
sequences (a la Fast and the Furious) with a hip/ stylized feel
(Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels/ Kick-Ass) while, most
importantly, improving story structure, particularly the development
of our main characters, their relationship, and personal journeys. A
strong sense of story is of the utmost importance.

The producing team for this project includes an LA-based producer
with studio credits. Those interested please send writing samples to: