Writer Adite has done her homework for both the book and screenplay world, to help you out. Some good tips in here!


For an unpublished author or ID-10043412unproduced screenwriter finding a literary agent who will represent your work and take your career to the next level is as critical as the ability to write gripping novels or attention-grabbing screenplays. But finding representation can be a frustrating quest.

Says Diana Rubino, a multi-published author who is currently on her third agent, “I found it as hard to find an agent as it is to find a publisher; you need to query many of them before finding one who’s willing to represent you. Very few traditional publishers accept unagented material these days.”

Do you need an agent? Xandra James, who has multiple titles to her name in the genre of paranormal romance, contemporary romance and romantic suspense, says, “It depends on what you want for your career. If your goals consist of hitting the big New York traditional publishers, agents are a…

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