If you are a screenwriter or novelist wondering how to navigate the slippery slope of the Hollywood Hills, slip no more.

Stage 32 is known as the online destination for film, television and theater creatives and today they’ve expanded their family to include The Happy Writers.

The Happy Writers has a sterling reputation for getting writer’s work into the hands of key decision makers and they have been changing lives with a never-ending list of success stories.  Last year they expanded by offering pitchfests to the Stage 32 community and now they have officially been acquired into the Stage 32 family.

I have been through and/or analyzed every screenwriting service out there and frankly about 90% of them are scams.  No longer do you have to wonder who will read your material and what their thoughts are while taking out a small loan to do so.

I can personally vouch for the Herculean efforts of both teams and am eternally grateful for the trajectory of my life and career since I started working with The Happy Writers through Stage 32.

I suggest you do the same, you will be happy.

The full press release is here: PRESS

If you are not ready to pitch your project but need help in getting your writing career off the ground, they have the marvelous Lee Jessup helping out here:

with a webinar on breaking into the industry.

Or check out all that Stage 32 has to offer here: STAGE32

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