A brief post from the archives to remind us all that if it were not for the characters that cross our paths and shape our lives, we’d have no stories to tell.  But I have to admit, I like the notion of story leftovers, I may have to do something with that in the future…

Being Thankful for the Characters in Our Lives

Two of the better media bits that drive this theory home are here for your enjoyment:

1) GOBBLE GOBBLE HOBBLE – a BERU REVUE ditty from my previous life’s shaping

2) HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS – there are various clips of the film on YouTube but if you click in the info icon (upper right corner) you can rent the whole thing for $2.99.  It includes my all time favorites, Holly Hunter and Robert Downey Jr., directed by my other favorite Jodi Foster. This is one of those films that the stars literally and figuratively aligned for.  I highly recommend it as a great character study.

Whatever you do this holiday season, have a notepad handy.

Gobble Gobble.