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If you’re familiar with John August (BIG FISH, FRANKENWEENIE, CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, THE NINES, CHARLIE’S ANGELS etcetera) You know that he is a big supporter and supplier of useful things for writers.  One of those things he helped create is called The Writer Emergency Pack.

Pick a card, any card

Because of John’s circle of influence, it’s easy to assume that the WEP is made for screenwriters.  It is that but so much more; it helps writers of all kinds break out of the tropes that bind them by simply drawing a card.

Writer Emergency Pack gives you the questions that lead to great answers to fix plot holes, spice up stock characters and rethink your themes.  Personally, I have found it very useful during the rewrite process, to add layers to plot and dimensions to character.

Each Pack Contains:

26 illustrated Idea cards

26 Detail cards with helpful suggestions and specific tips to try

Instructions for individual and class use, plus a bonus story game (“Cards Against Normality”)

The design of the cards is fun, easy to use and the pictures often spur on additional threads of ideas.

In short, The Writer Emergency Pack is a useful fun way to get the creative juices flowing.  There’s no secret formula to how to write compelling characters that live within engaging worlds – it’s different for every writer and anyone that tells you otherwise is selling snake oil.

If you’ve ever wondered how Tarot cards work, I can’t tell you, but I can tell you that the cards in WEP are much like your own creative oracle to help frame your writing session. The card you draw is for you at that moment in your process.  I ran a quick experiment over on Stage 32 in the screenwriting forum and it was nothing short of kismet as to how the cards pulled helped the writers. You can see that thread HERE.

Let’s say you pull #25 you would get the Idea card that EVERY BLESSING IS A CURSE, with examples of what this could mean and suggestions on ways to explore this within your story.

There are other random ways to approach the deck using the alphabet, spurring ideas for scenes or story synopsis and then there’s the CARDS AGAINST NORMALITY game, which works very much like the popular cards against humanity game.

Writer Emergency Pack began as a Kickstarter project in late 2014. It vastly exceeded its modest goal to become one of the most-backed card projects in Kickstarter history, with 5,714 supporters ordering more than 8,000 decks.  With the added bonus of good karma, the Kickstarter project was set up as a buy one, give one… For every deck bought one was given to schools for youth writing programs.  I have to say, I bought a dark mode deck for my 10-year-old son and he loves it.  This effort currently has 2,000 decks in classrooms via the NaNoWriMo youth writing program.

It’s now available to buy online here: ORDER NOW 

And if you use the code: 1ST10PAGES you get 10% off the price of $19 – just in time for holiday gifts.

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