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In the meantime, I’m happy to continue my list of tiny writing tips as first published on Stage 32.  Remember you don’t have to be a member to read these, (you can x-out of that sign-in window) but there are over 80,000 writers over there – so why not?


Creative Tip of the Day, Digest #3

Land Lines

The Hollywood Reporter recently put out an issue featuring the best 100 lines in movie dialogue as ranked by

various producers, actors etc.

This came about just after I finished giving a note to a writer about their moments needing the space to land.



Remember when?

Writers are often referred to by ‘their voice’ yet with the gazillions of writing books, gurus and schemes out there, none that I know of tell you how to find and hone that voice.

If you struggle with this, here’s a simple exercise:




No matter how much you love your main character remember, nobody’s perfect.

Perfect characters are boring – audiences respond to flaws, it makes characters relatable. Flaws don’t

have to be fatal – sweetness, humbleness, and charity, or any trait carried to extreme, can be a flaw.

Once the flaw is determined ask:



The Legs of Conflict

Explore conflict on all 4s.

Conflict is more than fighting. Simply put, conflict is when something or someone stands in a character’s

way and it occurs on 4 primal levels: