NEW! Cicada Summer

Genre: Horror/Thriller

For rookie park ranger, Matt Holmes, life couldn’t be better. He’s met the woman of his dreams, lives in the perfect apartment in a picturesque small town, and spends his days in nature’s majesty. But when bodies begin to pile up in the park, he’s sunk into a nightmare whose deadly touch extends as far as his mother’s death seventeen years prior.
Accompanied by girlfriend, Colleen, and fellow ranger, Andy Zimmerman, Matt discovers monsters really do exist, and combating them will require a bit of magic.

Catalaysia- The Curse of Five


After receiving dark magic on the eve of her coronation Lepra must embark on a journey to control her powers and learn of her past life before her enemy takes control of the kingdom.

The Curse has been awakened. The Prophecy has been written. And Lepra will never be the same…

Sixty years have passed in a kingdom where society’s strength comes from their ability to shape-shift into large felines, and the people have long forgotten the results of the last Clan War. Yet, on the night of her seventeenth birthday, Lepra finds herself exiled as an ancient magic takes hold of her the moment she reunites with her cursed swords.

As she realizes an old enemy has returned to claim her power for his own Lepra loses control of her new powers. With a broken sword scattered across the land, the young girl flees the palace in attempt to piece together a past life she was torn from and to save not only herself but Catalaysia before the dark magic takes hold.

WEBS – A Memoir

After losing her father to suicide, and then her mother and grandmother mere days later, Stacy sets out to discover the truth amongst the web of lies, scandalous affairs and financial fraud that they left behind, shattering the truth as she knew it.

The second time Stacy’s dad killed himself, he royally screwed up, just like he did with everything else he attempted. Her mom’s premonition about seeing webs everywhere began to come true as a tangled web of lies was revealed among the entire family. While Stacy’s dad lay on life support, blissfully unaware of the chaos he created, a lifetime of deceit began to unravel. Her mom’s affair with her sister’s 15-year-old boyfriend, her dad’s addiction to porn and obsession with money that led to him falling victim to a Nigerian Prince scheme. The deceit and lies told by the family to obtain Grams’ millions. The irony is that while her dad thought his life didn’t matter, his death resulted in the crumbling of her family and took the lives of others, including her mom and Grams. They left behind Stacy, their daughter, to deal with the sticky mess and she uncovered a tangled web of secrets that changed life as she knew it. Can Stacy expel from the sticky web in which her parents weaved or will she succumb to the legacy they left behind? 


Spies, Gangsters and Monsters of the Imagination Chase Two Unusual Kids through London’s 1900 World Exhibition.

The adventures of a young, resourceful, foul-mouthed Girl Guide at the 1900 Grand Exposition in London, and her encounters with Indian princes, British detectives, Prussian spies, and fictional characters made all too horribly real in a world where electricity exist and which stands on the brink of the War to End All Wars. As her tale unfolds, you’ll meet Major Podthwaite, the narcoleptic sleuth; Horst of Dessau, the world’s most dashing murderer; Toady What-Ho!, undersewer tour guide; Mademoiselle Ondine Loop, the nude bicycling militant; and Oswald Oakeshott, angel-faced, sailor-suited pyromaniac; and three intelligent but imaginary bears with very real steel teeth amongst a vast and peculiar cast stretching from the highest to the lowest in a fantasy Victorian steampunk world.

Genre: A work of fiction for Younger Adults who enjoy Historical Fiction and Science Fantasy

Paranormal/Thriller (70,000 words)

A murdered family. Evil spirits haunting a dream house. A new family’s struggle to survive.

In 1970, a woman went mad and killed her cheating husband, his mistress, and their two kids with an ax, before killing herself in her home.
Flash forward to 1990s Waxahachie, Texas, a new family has moved into that same home. Paula Harris and her family have decided to start a new life in the town. No matter how normal their lives might be, nothing can prepare them for the evil that lurks inside their beautiful new home.
Every family who has ever lived in the home since then has either run away in terror or mysteriously disappeared. During the day, their new home sits quiet and peaceful, but at night the evil spirits torture and possesses one of their kids. Over time, the Harris family, like many before them, will learn that nobody ever stays for long…and survives.

The Empire
(Thriller, 98000 words)

SYNOPSIS:  The Empire is a thriller set in the chaotic nineteen-seventies and ‘eighties’ world with international players. The story takes its protagonists from their late teens to their mid-thirties and begins when Harry Sheppard, an American teenager, is kidnapped by Gaddafi’s mercenaries as a bargaining chip to force his father to sign over his oil wells. With Harry is his friend, Lilah. In their attempt to escape to Egypt, Lilah becomes the victim of a brutal assault, and Harry has to kill to protect them. They escape with the help of Senator Temple. While his family rebuilds their oil trading business to a billion-dollar enterprise, Harry is recruited to the CIA’s Political Action group. Using the money and his connections, Harry plans to destroy the sector and remake it into one that he feels functions more equitably. Gifted with extraordinary intellect, Lilah is uniquely positioned to control every aspect of the oil industry. She is Harry’s first choice to rule the oil empire he is building. But for that, she must marry one of Temple’s nephews; and she is manipulated into it by Harry. Temple soon wins the American presidency and is determined to take over the oil empire to turn it into a cartel. When Lilah sees Temple’s strategy to wrest control, she is forced to make a choice between Harry’s life and hers. Alone and entrusted with an empire, Lilah must work to destroy Temple before he kills Harry and cuts off the energy supply to the world.



3,000 years ago, a battle was fought between the powers of Light and Dark. When the dust settled, both the Guardian of Light and the Guardian of Darkness were nowhere to be seen. Their leaders lost, their realm fracturing, the other guardian’s were quick to fade into the background. The time has come though, for the two guardians to awaken and take back their mantle. Alexander, is the second son of a noble family in the kingdom of Freyholt. Exiled from his family at a young age, Alexander has no idea his life is about to change.

The Consciousness Puzzle


The pursuit of a missing brother uncovers a gorgeous doctor, a secret island, human testing, and one hell of a headache.

Mike Locke is a soontobe divorced genre novelist who finds his brother Joey, an investigative reporter, missing. After leaving Joey’s house, Mike visits the only real friend he has, a bartender named Keith. This may not be the best idea for a recovering alcoholic, but using Keith’s computer, Mike is able to go through his brother’s notes and determine the last story Joey was working on before vanishing, the Alternative Control Concepts program. Unfortunately, as soon as Mike has this information he finds himself pursued by and fighting with the same men responsible for Joey disappearance.


(75000 words – adventure genre. To avoid any confusion, it does not fit into a religious genre)

A peace loving family man finds that he is dreaming very vivid and lucid dreams that may have actually happened in the past and causes him to question his beliefs until the dramatic end.

Jim Dixon is a peace loving general store owner in small town America who enjoys his life with his wife Stacy and their two kids. He wakes up one morning and tells Stacy about a very vivid dream he had that night. The dream continues like a serial movie and feels so real to Jim that it becomes hard for Jim to know when he is dreaming and when it is real. Stacy does some research and finds that what Jim has been dreaming may have actually happened.

A second and third dream series continue in much the same way. The dreams all have a war scenario and Jim feels that he is getting desensitized to guns and violence. Stacy finds that these new dreams may too have actually happened. Jim and Stacy start thinking that Jim has become a conduit for reincarnated thoughts and that Jim may be experiencing the final days of the men in his dreams.

Jim has a fourth set of dreams that are just as violent but does not seem to be following the same pattern or coming to a completion the same way as the first three. The dreams are so real that Jim starts to do thing in his real life with the hope that they will change the outcome of his dreams. He learns to shoot and eventually buys a gun. A gun that eventually comes in extremely handy at the conclusion of his dream.

The dream finally ends only once Jim finds out what it is he had to do to make it end.


When a dog’s year equals seven human years, instead of the proclaimed opposite, he outlives multi-generations of the same family and let’s us in on his perspective.

Y STINK – Young Adult Novel

In an effort to be normal, the preteen son of Hollywood elite, plots for vengeance against the paparazzi he believes is responsible for his family’s dysfunction and in the process he discovers that it’s normal for everyone’s
life to stink at some point.


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