Welcome to the 1st 10 pages of available screenplay supernatural, thriller and horror. If you want to anonymously read the 1st 10 pages of any of these projects, choice from the simple submission form at the bottom and they’ll be delivered to your inbox. It’s free and requires no further obligation. Of course if you want to read more, we will put you in touch with writer to do so at your discretion. Enjoy!


Henry Plotz – Sci-Fi

When a renowned scientist in a secret California lab is abducted by strange creatures from another planet,
a wily petty thief –armed only with his cunning– is sent through a wormhole to bring her back.


MALLED – Neo-Gothic horror/thriller

The Phantom of the Opera meets The Count of Monte Cristo in modern-day Suburbia when a vengeful young genius sabotages a new supermall in a murderous plot to ruin those that killed his father, but must rethink everything when he reconnects with a girl whose life he saved years earlier and they fall in love.

TOP 20% (of 7197 entries); Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting 2012
QUARTERFINALIST; PAGE Intn’l Screenwriting Awards 2012; Horror/Thriller Category (top 80 of 798 entries in category)
BEST OVERALL SCENE; Scriptathon Screenwriting Contest, 2012
TOP 3 FINALIST; Horror/thriller category, Scriptathon Screenwriting Contest, 2012


CLUB HEREAFTER – Ensemble Thriller

Unable to face exposure, six random people are trapped into a game of kill or be killed.

SYNOPSIS: “Tonight, whoever holds the Ace of Clubs will kill someone in this room.  Whoever holds the Ace of Spades will die.”Six people.  Six playing cards.  Six chances of being killed.  The odds of the game are deadly. A group of random, everyday people going about their mundane lives.   Until…  Each receives an anonymously delivered brown envelope.  Inside, evidence of an act they committed that if exposed, would destroy their personal and professional lives.

All six are forced into a killing game based upon the luck of the draw.  Within 48 hours, two players are brutally murdered.  The remaining four are further threatened if they fail to continue to play.  When one does… he and his car explode in a ball of flame.  Three down, three to go.  With the fourth fearing for his life and afraid to break the rules, the two remaining players agree to help one another, find the blackmailer and kill him.

But the blackmailer is not alone… and sins must be accounted for… in full. Game on.

FATHER NATURE – Supernatural Thriller

Based on historical accounts of how the trusted doctor treating Chief Osceola; removed his head and kept it as a family souvenir.

History tells of a Native Chief so revered that upon death, his Doctor stole his head. Generations later, the drawn-out insult tortures a Boston woman relocated to the Everglades in the aftermath of her father’s bizarre death.


Born and raised in Massachusetts, Elizabeth Weedon has been fascinated by the mysterious swamplands since she was four when her father put her to sleep every night with a startling pop-up book.  Lost long ago, along with her relationship to her father, the book’s re-discovery sets into motion a string of eerie events that include her father’s death and a dream job with the park service of the Florida Everglades.  Elizabeth soon discovers that the skeletons of her Northern heritage have swamp roots way more spine chilling than the creatures and locals, and she’s forced to face the twisted karma of her ancestors or suffer the same deadly fate as her estranged father.

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