Welcome to the 1st 10 pages of available screenplay family and adventure. If you want to anonymously read the 1st 10 pages of any of these projects, choice from the simple submission form at the bottom and they’ll be delivered to your inbox. It’s free and requires no further obligation. Of course if you want to read more, we will put you in touch with writer to do so at your discretion. Enjoy!

10.31 – This script has been OPTIONED!

An outcast teen has to save someone being held captive on Halloween night after discovering a dire help note in his trick or treat bag.


Y STINK – Family (adapted from YA novel)

In an effort to be normal, the preteen son of Hollywood elite, plots for vengeance against the paparazzi he believes is responsible for his family’s dysfunction and in the process he discovers that it’s normal for everyone’s life to stink at some point.


WICKED MASTER – Family Action Adventure/Fantasy (also developed as graphic novel)

In modern Massachusetts, a psychic boy’s home burns to the ground at the hands of a twisted Judge that descends from Salem’s witch trial instigators.  Now older, the orphan struggles to piece together his broken life as his ability and memory resurface to set the record straight.


BELIEVE – family/holiday

When the World’s economy is at its worst, Christmas and the generous spirit the season embodies, is doomed to become ancient myth, until a runaway boy meets up with a vagrant old elf and the journey of their survival changes everything.

SYNOPSIS: The World’s economy has hit rock bottom.  10 year-old, Danny Kearney’s, broken family is on the verge of losing their rental home, and, it’s Christmas, Mom’s favorite time of year.  Spirits are so bleak, even the seasonal rush at the North Pole is faced with layoffs.  Confronted with the responsibility of breaking his mom’s heart, by confessing he no longer believes in Santa, so she won’t have to buy him gifts, Danny decides to run away.

He hooks up with a clumsy elf, named Cork, who never made Santa’s cut in over 100 years.

While Danny and Cork’s vagabond ways are bringing each other’s bitter feelings to the surface, an Amber Alert is broadcast along with Danny’s last school assignment — ‘What Christmas Means to Me’.  Just as Danny and Cork join forces to help save Christmas from extinction, the law interferes to reunite him with Mom, and put Cork away for the vagrant he appears to be.

In the vein of IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE meets E.T., BELIEVE answers the age-old question about Santa’s existence.

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