Welcome to the 1st 10 pages of available screenplay comedies.  If you want to anonymously read the 1st 10 pages of any of these projects, choice from the simple submission form at the bottom and they’ll be delivered to your inbox.  It’s free and requires no further obligation.  Of course if you want to read more, we will put you in touch with writer to do so at your discretion.  Enjoy! 

HELPER – Comedy

A mysterious app appears on Ben’s tablet at just the right time. Is it really able to do all the things it’s credited with? Suddenly Ben’s successful, predictable life is getting out of control …

A WIFE FOR CHARLEY – Romantic Comedy

When a film crew sound engineer is left standing at the altar, his team puts together an around-the-globe reality show to find him a wife. In the process they engage a black widow drug smuggling ring.

HUNGRY MAN – Comedy in the vein of Dodgeball and Happy Gilmore set in the outrageous world of competitive eating.

After losing their family restaurant in a freak fire, bumbling cousins Pete and Hanz embark on a cross-country road trip to enter the ESPN-aired Competitive Eating Championship and battle for the $500,000 grand prize. Under the tutelage of hot-tempered eating legend Rusty Sparks, and inspired by their mantra “Stay Hungry!”, they must defeat the current reigning champ, the evil-fast food mogul Chow King, in order to take a bite out of the American Dream and rebuild their beloved restaurant.


A group of seniors, new to the world of retirement, fight for their rights and dignity while they are being framed as terrorists.

10 YEARS IN 3 DAYS – Comedy/drama

A moribund family gets a brief glimpse of happiness long gone astray.

SYNOPSIS: A runaway wife returns to the family she abandoned ten years ago. She seeks a way to connect with her daughter, who she’s never known, while staying out of sight in the background. Her husband is about to pop the question to his girlfriend. The family has three days to overcome ten lost years between mother and daughter before the soon to be fiancé returns. The sister-in-law attempts to put the family back together by playing cupid. When the sister-in-law’s meddling backfires, the skittish wife again disappears.


An emotionally immune widow reluctantly agrees to one last blind date which ends up lasting way longer than expected.

SYNOPSIS:  The widow returns from her unwanted blind date to find her old, dilapidated home going up in flames. Her date manipulates the widow into staying with him until she can get on her feet again. What started as charity morphs into something much more for the date. Not, however, for the clueless widow who gets her insurance check and bolts back to her loneliness.

NOCCHI – Rom Com

A modern take on Pinnochio, as an adult romantic comedy:

The puppet that became a boy now has to become a man. A man turns playboy after his wife leaves him for infertility issues.  When she and a co-worker both end up pregnant, his dilemma gestates as he rushes to Italy to save the late Geppetto’s property…

GREEN CHRISTMAS – Eco-Conscious Comedy


Eco-awareness turns enviro-mental when three generations invade a green Samaritan’s home two days before Christmas.

SYNOPSIS What if a buried childhood memory turned you into someone that would rather recycle garbage than spend Christmas with family? Would you answer the door?

Sustained sex with her husband is all green guru, Ivy Reece, wants for Christmas, but her intimate plans are turned upside down after being guilted into joining her mother and rival sister in bringing home 90 year-old Grandma Lulu. Car trouble, a dog funeral and a lot of dredged up shit end up making avoiding chemicals, harder than avoiding genes, and in the end, Ivy learns that renewed life can come from anywhere.

VINNIE’S SECRET – Male driven Comedy

Pushed by his buddies, a dude, luckless at love gets a job at a lingerie superstore and realizes his niche´ is very effeminate.



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