Who can submit pages to 1st10pages.com?
Any aspiring writer looking for a way to get their story noticed.

Will 1st10pages.com buy my story?

What sort of stories do you accept?
We are not limited in genre scope, however if we find your material inappropriate we may decline to make it available on the site.

How do I get my 10 pages on the site?
Send them in a PDF format to ace.1st10@gmail.com. You will be asked to sumbit to a brief terms of agreement and provide the logline, genre and title. Also specify what it is, novel or screenplay.

How much does it cost to post my pages?

Who will read my pages?
1st10pages.com makes no promises that your pages will be read by anyone. However, we will do our best to promote the site to industry professionals, it is then up to your logline (the brief story selling synopsis, linked to your file) to hook their interest.

How do I read a file I am interested in?
By submitting your name and email (that will not be shared with anyone, even the author) you will have agreed to our simple terms and be given a password allowed access to the PDF file.

How do I read more of the story(ies)?
If you like what you’ve read so far, 1st10pages.com will provide you contact information for the writer, it is then up to you to negotiate the details and release agreement for the full story.

I’m not sure if my story is ready, will you edit it?
Unlike many writing sites, this site was not designed to drum up business.  If you like the point of view and want an honest opinion that will make your story the best it can be, please contact us and we’ll work something out.

Why is 1st10pages.com doing all of this?
The site was created by a professional writer and marketing executive, who even with eleven years at a major motion picture studio, was having a hard time getting her stories to the right people. So she created the site, sort of as a YOUTUBE® of words.

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