Dear Laurie,

Just a short note that Candy and I are so thrilled with your writing.  You have such a gift; and we feel so fortunate to have an opportunity to partner with you.

Looking forward to our call on Monday. ~ Steve

UPDATE: We’re writing to personally thank you for the outstanding support provided in overseeing the development of a Treatment for our story.  Throughout the entire process, you provided outstanding counsel to us and the highest level of professional assistance and input. Your marvelous work on the Treatment provides an exceptional overview of the film, and includes all the important conceptual elements, structured in 3 Acts.  The Treatment entices the reader and helps him or her visualize the movie and its scenes as effectively as possible.  You were masterful in leaving cliffhangers in between the acts, and built characterization as much as possible, but still kept the Treatment concise and fast-paced.  We feel the Treatment will allow potential buyers to understand the plot elements of a film without actually reading a full-length script.  In closing, we could not be more pleased with all the services you provided.  You were a cordial and valuable partner throughout the entire project.  Please accept our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude.  – Steve and Candy Lanning, Angel Fire

“Laurie is very easy to work with and on target with (my life story biopic) she has creative ideas that take what is in my mind and it flows right into the paper! I liked the first draft of the Treatment very much. I cried. It is hard to read, when it is your life. We discussed a few ideas but I am very happy with it.  I love the final draft of the Treatment!  I just asked her to change the last part — It is great…  I received the first draft of the full screenplay late this afternoon and it did bring tears to my eyes. It painted the picture totally, and I felt very happy in my memories.  I will tell you that so far, she has captured the essence of the era, and the moods of the specific moments of the time.  Thank you, for helping me get my life on paper, and to share these vibrant experiences with others.”

YSTINK (Screenplay – working title PSST…)

‘This is a wonderful and magical story with great potential. The dialogue is very good…the scenes are well paced… the visuals work very well…’
– Susan Kougell; Industry Script Doctor and author of THE SAVVY SCREENWRITER.


“…This sounds like a cool idea, and I can tell how much you’ve worked on it…I do think your work is interesting…I would love to read the script and see if there is anyone appropriate to pass it on to…”

– Thia Montroy; Industry development executive – She works with top writers and on top movies. Such as: School of Rock, MI:3, Ironman, Changing Lanes, The Hours,The Manchurian Candidate, and so many more. She was the Head of Development at Lynda Obst and also worked Scott Rudin,. Her work with the many top writers included Stephen Gaghan, Ed Zwick, Burr Steers, Donald Petrie, and Andy Borowitz.

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