Unlike most writing sites, this one is here to help un-produced writers drop the U and the N from their title.  It doesn’t ask for money or even run ads.  However, I do get and provide a lot writing and production services as my day job — so, if you are so inclined to be in the market, drop a contact form line and I’d be happy to help.  And my rates don’t come close to what all those other sites charge.

Services include:

Screenwriting, Novel writing and adaptation

Story development

Screenplay doctor, consultant and coverage provider

Ghostwriter of screenplays, novels and television bibles

Script supervisor and script breakdown for production

Treatments and pitch packaging

Here’s some recent testimonials:

Coverage and Ghostwriting Testimonials


“You have really changed my life. Your work is fantastic. I have a series I developed with an actress and we wrote 5 episodes. She will be pitching at the first of the year, so no rush, but how much to read all 5 of the pilots? Thanks” ~ Christie

“First I want to say that this is really awesome for the first draft of my two volume sci-fi book adaptation to feature film screenplays. This is fantastic. Laurie is awesome and really seemed to get what I want, thank you. These notes are right on. I am very excited and enthused. She really got me excited because she was so professional and grasped everything I want to convey and the detail that she expressed in our conversation was wonderful. I am so impressed with her take on this and how she is understanding the story. I have attached my comments on the first treatment. I love working with you, I think you’re creative and really gets this project. Laurie is so positive and open to all my ideas and her additions are spot on.”   ~ Bill M. Author

“We’re writing to personally thank you for the outstanding support provided in overseeing the development of a Treatment for our story. Throughout the entire process, you provided outstanding counsel to us and the highest level of professional assistance and input. Your marvelous work on the Treatment provides an exceptional overview of the film, and includes all the important conceptual elements, structured in 3 Acts. The Treatment entices the reader and helps him or her visualize the movie and its scenes as effectively as possible. You were masterful in leaving cliffhangers in between the acts, and built characterization as much as possible, but still kept the Treatment concise and fast-paced. We feel the Treatment will allow potential buyers to understand the plot elements of a film without actually reading a full-length script. In closing, we could not be more pleased with all the services you provided. You were a cordial and valuable partner throughout the entire project. Please accept our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude.”

~ Steve and Cathi, based on a true story film treatment

“I re-wrote the screenplay based upon your recommendations and pitched it to Benderspink. They asked for the script. Hope they like it. I’ll have [another] ready for your coverage soon. Thanks again for the help!”

~ J.S. Screenwriter

“You delivered a Treatment for a reality TV show on-time, at a reasonable rate that went beyond my expectations. I was so impressed with the professionalism, industry knowledge, extensive experience and ability to take a simple idea and bring it to life. I now have what I need to meet with network executives. I would highly recommend this organization to anyone looking for professional writing services. I know I will be back for my next project.” ~ Gail P., Reality televison show

“I am really enjoying working with Laurie.  She is so positive and open to all my ideas and her additions are spot on.” 

~ B.M. Author

“I just wanted to say that I appreciate the effort put into my coverage notes.  There are a lot of great thoughts and suggestions packed into just a few pages.  The comments will definitely help me improve the script.  I found them to be thoughful, insightful, and, most of all, actionable.  I’ve paid for notes a handful of times and too often I have received vague ideas and comments that I have no idea how to address.  Your notes were specific and pinpoint areas that need consideration, and for that I thank you.

I definitely feel comfortable using the coverage program in the future and plan to send more scripts your way.

~ J. N. Screenwriter

“As a writer myself, I was skeptical about trusting another writer with my vision. You were able to listen to my story and write a compelling Treatment built on solid character sketches. I’m grateful and look forward to working with you in the future.” ~ E.W. Feature treatment

“Your notes were fantastic.  Incorporated many of your suggestions,  As of this writing, the script you helped me on, “________,” has made it to the finals of StoryPros International.  And by doing well in a secular contest, it gives me hope for the Kairos contest, the very contest I’m aiming for.  Don’t be surprised to hear from me again.” – Paul

“I am very pleased with the job with my script, including a number of helpful suggestions as to what worked and what didn’t, as well as proposing specific revisions and improvements.  Of course the ultimate compliment will be sending you more work, which I plan to do in the next few days.”


Excellent coverages. Thank you.  …You’ve done an excellent job here, and I’d like to work further with you. A trustworthy and objective reader with a similar mindset to mine is invaluable… On another note, we’ve begun early stage development of a few new projects. If you’re interested, I’d like to involve you in some facet, since you’re coverage are always so clear and insightful.                                                                                                                                                        ~ Producer, Opus Films, Los Angeles

Thank You Laurie it was just what I was looking for, great job. and I greatly appreciate all your points and will address them to make it stronger.  I will also highly recommend your services for I am impressed by your professionalism and work.         ~ Tony, Director/Screenwriter, Los Angeles

You did a great job. I used a lot of your adjustments almost verbatim… Thanks for your hard work!
– Adam, writer/director

thank you for your stellar effort and sharing your wisdom thanks, talk soon again,
you really know your cinema and script consulting, like “driving gloves” — vrmmm into the gist of the script, thank you
awesome, you got the midas touch, Laurie.  ~ Benjamin, screenwriter

This was among the best coverage I have received. Very insightful development notes. Would you be willing to give similar notes on projects in the future…

~ Producer, LA Feature Film Academy

Wow.  Your notes were awesomely spot on and I greatly appreciate you taking to time to write them up for me.  I’ve always been more of a story teller/director, and needless to say it shows in my script.  I so need to learn to polish it up and push it more…”Thanks Laurie!  I am sure I will be hitting you up more in the future and I really appreciate your help with my writing.  Many thanks.”

~ Andrew S., Screenwriter, Nashville TN

i wanted to say, once again, thanks. i woke up early this morning to apply your changes, and as i was going through, line by line, i want you to know i really value your suggestions. i don’t have it in front of me at the moment, but truly, you are a clear thinker and sometimes just a twist of a word or singling out of a sentence HELPED. thanks again.

~ Georgia G., Writer, Phila. Pa.


Great to get your feedback! Thank you! I can already tell it will be extremely helpful to finishing this up and rewriting the sections that need extra attention going into a final draft.  PS: Very excited to start implementing your suggestions. I am thrilled to have your feedback on this.

~ Gae X., Screenwriter, Austin, TX

Hi Laurie,

Just wanted to say that of the notes we received on ‘Robin Hall’ yours were amongst the best. Very happy. Thanks. The writer is working on the next draft, would you be happy to do another 1500 words on that when its finished? Same setup as before.


~ Ant Dinham, Producer, Vehement Features Ltd.

Hi Laurie,

I’m on my knees! I’ve studiously executed your notes; I agreed with all of them.

Your perception and intuition have resulted in a MUCH better script: now called A GOD AMONG US. I love the way you write and the angle you take. I’ve made your amendments and added ones of my own. My feeling is that your take on this is very close to the mark.

I appreciate that the dialogue may not blow a reader’s hair back, butat this point I’m exhausted. A GOD AMONG US is now much closer to the project you thought it could be.

Thanks again for a WONDERFUL interpretation!

Kind regards,

Rich, Owner Creation Pictures – New Zealand

this is exactly the type of feedback I needed. Both, corrective criticism and encouraging. Thank you so much! ~ Ian, screenwriter – Austin, TX

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