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Logline: A former Federal Agent finds herself aiding and execute a terrorist attack against her city; after her 6 years old daughter has been kidnapped. Now, she must save her city and not lose her daughter in the process.

Synopsis: Agent Kath still suffering from the trauma of losing her husband, struggles to be a good mother to her six [6] year old daughter Daniela, and a better daughter to her mother, Hannah.

It is in this moment, Kath’s daughter is captured by a group of Russian mob, and its leader is Mohammed. With this leverage, Kath is compelled to carry out major tasks for the group against the city; of which she becomes the city most wanted criminal. The greatest challenge she is faced with is the assassination of the United State President.

The harder Kath tries to stop the Russian mob, the more danger she places herself, her mother and her daughter.

NEW! Tale of the White City – Luthur’s Bane

Logline: A Prince in search for the truth about his father’s disappearance discovers a Dark-Magic conspiracy by a Warlord. Now he must find his father, and protect the kingdom from the Warlord’s wrath.

Synopsis: In the second age 1414, Prince Luthur of Kharnam is banished by his Uncle, King Arthur, due his mysterious departure before a great battle falls upon the White City. But Luthur will not fight his Uncle for the throne because he’s obsessed with his father’s disappearance.

Luthur search for his father had a turn of tide when he discovers his father was captured by an evil warlord, King Echnolt of Hundur with the help of King Arthur. Luthur learns his father is to be used for a ritual to summon dark armies from the parallel world, the “NUROCH Blood Sacrifice”.

Luthur has no interest in alliances, but in the end, with the support of a few old friends, and with the will of a Wizard, Luthur rally around Baymia. He unites the rest of the middle lands for a common purpose, against a common enemy.


Genre: western-adventure

Logline: 1874. The American frontier. After her father’s murderer steals her train and kidnaps her best friend, a fiery engineer must risk her life to stop him and prevent the biggest heist in US history.

Pitch: A female Indiana Jones in the Old West. Plus trains.