The past few days have seen a huge surge in followers to 1st 10 pages, so I welcome you all!  This is mostly thanks to being listed on The Write Life’s list of top 100 sites for writers.  

What an honor, so I thank you all and The Write Life!

For longtime readers, I know posts have been few and far between but the site is getting a total redo by AI. I kid you not, and apparently artificial intelligence takes longer to launch a site than a hard working real person.  But it is coming, and it will be pretty awesome.

Onward, I have not been lax elsewhere.  For a few months now, I’ve been posting writing tips over at Stage 32 and it was stupid of me not to re-post them here for those who may not be active on the stage.

So I will post digests for the next few weeks here, until I get them caught up and they can work in sync.  You don’t have to be a member of Stage 32 to read these, but hey while you’re there — it’s a great place for happy writers.


Creative Tip of the Day Digest #1

Write your major turning points by hand.  

I love technology, but paper is a writer’s best friend…



Weed Your Backstory

Every character, premise and plot has a history but not every facet is pertinent to the story your telling.



Every World Has Rules

Clearly stories with a fantasy component need time to establish the rules of the world so we know how characters are ‘supposed’ to behave. Pixar does a great job in setting up world rules in a subtle way. NEMO: the drop off is forbidden, THE INCREDIBLES: the opening news reel tells us all about the world and the characters, UP: Balloons can take you anywhere. TOY STORY: Toys come alive, but not when humans are around.



The Promise vs. the Premise